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Grover Auto & Tire, auto repair and maintenance facility in Wiscasset, ME
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Customer Reviews & Stories

"Grover Auto does professional work they will stand behind. They're focus is to keep your car running the best it can, and safely, with "lasting repairs" as it says in the mission statement on the homepage, so the fair price reflects this I believe. If you want bottom dollar work you're not going to get lasting parts, or a facility backed by NAPA. Friendly employees serving you, a nice waiting room, and prompt, quality work,. Thank guys."

- Google Review

"I have been there twice, and both times they seemed to know what I wanted and did the job better than I expected. A family owned business that really cares about there customers."

- Yelp Review

"I've always found Grover Auto & Tire to be reliable and fairly priced. I've been dealing with them for at least 5 - 6 years."

- Google User

"I very much appreciate the fact that Danny will "work with me" and allow me to do some of the work (if I can) and bring it back for them to validate it. Grover's is very thorough in their inspections!"

- Google User

"Grover is simply the best. They pay attention to the customer and then to solving whatever issues the vehicle has. The work is precise, clean and timely and also affordable. I've trusted them with our cars for years and never had a cause for complaint. Grover believes in earning your trust. That has worked for us, no question."

- Google User

"These guys are awesome. My husband and I both bring our cars here. They keep us on the road and they keep us safe. They are great to work with, good detectives, never hard sell and very honest and caring. They run me to my office while they work on my car and they pick me up again. I have used Grovers for as long as I can remember. I trust them and count on them for all things having to do with my car. As one who hates worrying about fixing things in my car, but also one who likes to get many years and many miles out of a car, they are a joy to work with, always calm and always ready and able to help."

- A grateful and loyal customer

"I really like Grovers as they are honest, courteous and reliable, and fix cars well."

- M.S.

"Excellent service. Found radiator problem everyone else had missed!"

– T.L.

"We are always pleased with their work!"

– P.L.

"Great service with knowledgeable people!"

– J.H.

"Grover's has wonderful service including driving you back and forth while your vehicle is being repaired. Their work is reliable and prices are far below local market. They will even drive your vehicle to your door when the work is finished."

- J.L. at

"Have been bringing our vehicles to Grover Auto for the last 5 yrs. and have been satisfied. On two occasions they let us use a vehicle while work was being done to our vehicle. Always got back to us when we had a question about our vehicle.

"Thanks Dan and Scott"

- G.T. at

“Family Owned and Operated”

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